The Project

Main Project Characteristics:

WINCOME is about how a joint route of promoting the outward-looking of SMEs & local wine products to international markets can support non-homogeneous areas to flourish in more than one field.

WINCOME’s idea is based on the needs of the PBs in relation mainly to Viticulture and Wine Production by applying the “Bottom-Up” approach which goes beyond excising practice of “Top-Down” local development policy. The “bottom-up” approach means that local actors participate in decision-making about the strategy and in the selection of the priorities to be pursued in their local area.

Under the WINCOME, the basic elements of cross-border cooperation are those of cooperation among local and regional authorities and businesses, but also an orientation on elimination of the economic dysfunctions caused by border and transformation them from a line of separation into a “workspace” for Joint Exploitation and Promotional Actions of Wine Products, transfer and exchange of know-how.