Tender procedure for external expertise (Albania, PB4)

Regional Council of Korce (PB4) has launched single tender procedure, PRAG RULES based in the Application Form of WINCOME project in appropriate with SoB. The purpose of this tender is the provision of creative services in the field of graphic design for paper and electronic media. The contractor shall be requested to design several types of communication, promotion materials and publications and shall be requested to design logos and visual identity style guides for the needs of the Regional Council of Korce in the context of the WINCOME project. The services including design of promotion material-brochures, project banner, USB with electronic promotion material, project result booklet.

WP 2 Communication and Dissemination              
Deliverable 2.4.3 Elaboration of Project Brochures at the beginning of the Project – It will include Partner information, project objectives etc
Deliverable 2.4.3 Elaboration of a project Banner which will be used during the course of the project at any dissemination activity (Conferences, Infodays etc.)
Deliverable 2.4.3 The deliverable includes the elaboration of a Project Result Booklet, which will include project objectives, outputs, results etc. It will be elaborated when project results are evident about 6 months before project ends
Deliverable 2.4.3 The USB sticks will have the project logo and inside they will include electronic promotion material of the project in pdf format (Project Presentation etc.)