Direct and immediate expected results of the project:

  • Over 100 CB wine and viticulture enterprises will be supported (non-financial) from the project’s expected outputs.
  • Joint CB Wine exhibitions will promote CB business cooperation.
  • WINCOME pave the way for future investments which will produce tangible and visible results on wine production and viticulture. The project’s stakeholder will benefit from a great opportunity given to capitalize the project’s outputs for business development purposes.
  • At least 200 new interested entrepreneurs will be educated in wine production techniques and viticulture.
  • At least 20 local traditional viticulture and wine production techniques will be demonstrated on-site.
  • 5 user-friendly innovative ICT tools will be developed and be available for use.
  • WINCOME, will serve as best practice and contemporary business development model for Less Favoured Areas in local and regional level.

Tangible and visible expected outputs of the project:

  • Multidimensional Analysis of the Wine Business Sector at the WINCOME CB Area.
  • Studies (x2) concerning the External & Internal Environment of Wine Business Sector.
  • Cataloguing and Commercial Evaluation of Local Wines’ Varieties (Zitsa-Amyntaio-Korce).
  • Assesment of Cross-border and International Commercial Networks of Wine Products.
  • Web GIS Platform of Wine Zone Varieties & Production Units (Zitsa-Amyntaio-Korce).
  • Local (Zitsa-Amyntaio) & Regional (Korce) Operational Plans (x3) for the Reuse of Abandoned Vineyards.
  • Spatial analysis & classification of Local Wine Production Zones (including abandoned) using Drones and ICT Mapping Tools.
  • Smart Specialization/Joint Exploitation & Promotion
  • Recording & Investigation of genetic variability (indigenous grape varieties, Zitsa-Amyntaio-Korce).
  • Business & Financial Planning Tools (x3) of a “Smart Wine Production Unit” (Zitsa-Amyntaio-Korce).
  • Pilot/demonstration projects (x3) for Smart production of grapevines’ propagating material (Zitsa-Amyntaio-Korce).
  • Database Development of Best Practices on Smart Wine Production & Viticulture.
  • Info-kiosks (showrooms) x3.
  • Organization of 1 CB Wine Exhibition.
  • Registrations to the National Intangible Heritage Indexes (UNESCO, Art.12) concerning Traditional Local Viticulture & Wine production.
  • Exchange of Knowledge – Sustainability of Results
  • Organization of Joint Thematic business seminars (X2).
  • Organization of 4 local thematic agro-seminars (incl. on-site training).
  • Sustainability studies (X2) of the Project’s Results (Greece/Albania).