WINCOME aims to:

  1. Bridge the gap between the GR and AL partners in terms of wine production and exploitation
  2. Exchange knowledge regarding wine production and viticulture
  3. Explore new and more efficient ways of selling the different wine qualities at larger part of customers.
  4. Analyze and communicate the good practices and lessons learnt in the partners regions
  5. Disseminate information on the different wine varieties production and their requirements as well as the traditional local viticulture methods
  6. Develop business support services to support cross-border economic activity
  7. Develop services fostering wine production
  8. Promote ICT tools for “”smart”” wine businesses
  9. Promote thematic networks for common research and product development and common export promotion.
  10. Implement mutual actions for the exploitation and promotion of the wine production tradition ίn order to boost exports and entrepreneurship.
  11. Organize seminars to disseminate wine production and certification and on-site training viticulture and wine production thematic workshops
  12. Organize mutual cross-border wine exhibitions
  13. Develop Cross-border business-plans with pilot applications of cross-border collaborative schemes between individual businesses
  14. Preserve and promote the inherent local knowledge of traditional viticulture in the participating regions
  15. Educate horizontally new entrepreneurs both on viticulture techniques and wine production (integrated production).
  16. Develop business tools concerning the wine production and viticulture
  17. Systematically approach the reuse of abandoned vineyards