Deliverable 3.5.1 (Albania PB5)

RCDC completed the deliverable: “Regional Operational Plan on the Reuse of the Abandoned Vineyards” Study by Prof. Dr. Assoc. Gjergji Papa, Agricultural Expert

The purpose of the study was to prepare a regional operational plan for the reuse of abandoned vineyards in the Korça Region, Albania, requested by the Regional Center for Development and Cooperation in the framework of the WINCOME project.

The Regional Operational Plan for the Reuse of Abandoned Vineyards in the Korça Region aims to achieve the results that are defined in terms of reference as:

  • Improve knowledge about the situation of abandoned vineyards in Korça Region.
  • Preservation and promotion of indigenous local knowledge of traditional local methods of viticulture.
  • Dissemination of information on the production of different grape varieties for wine and their requirements.
  • Systematic approach to the reuse of abandoned vineyards.
  • Introduce a sustainable financial model for the reuse of these vineyards.

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